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Vex 7

If you enjoy obstacle games, Vex 7 is your best option. You are free to play anywhere and at any time.

Instructions on how to play Vex 7

In Vex 7, you may encounter several obstacles and traps. Parkour movements are quite useful. You should see blades that shoot, spikes on the ground, and randomly falling bricks from the sky. Double jump is beneficial. There are surveillance cameras and lasers with triggers. This is a really dangerous region. You may need to improve your attentiveness, flexibility, and agility while here. Try to complete each level in order to advance. Don't forget to gather all coins to unlock additional perspectives. You may earn more money by completing assignments. With its superior resolution, vex 7 will make you feel comfortable.

Game Controls

Move the stickman using the arrow keys and your parkour abilities. To advance to the next level, you must complete assignments and conquer obstacles.

how to play

As with previous Vex games, the game begins with a brief level map instruction that explains the primary game features and a few of your stickman's characteristic moves.

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