Basketball Stars – an attractive online superhero game

With a fast rhythm, you need to pay attention to move quickly to avoid enemies, and collect orbs of light to transform into a stronger hero.
The more orbs of light, the more you grow into a stronger and more confident superhero. Every time you level up, you will grow in both size and strength, turning into a famous hero or villain. In the game, there are also upgrades and generous rewards. Each time you successfully kill an enemy, you will receive life tokens.

More details

Accumulate them and use them to upgrade your skills such as combat speed, attack range, movement speed.

This game requires a clear mind and strategy. Using the dash button (right click) is a great way to move quickly in battle, defend and hide from enemies. Be strong and fight with other players. Be careful because this is clearly a fight for survival.

how to play

PC: Move the mouse to move, click left to attack, and click right to speed up.

Touch the virtual keys on your phone