Basketball Stars


Become the most powerful Super storm and destroy everything in your path, including buildings and street items.
A strong tornado might destroy everything! In particular, the water tornado that developed in the ocean. In Super, a multiplayer online game, you will become the world's best. You have complete authority over the coastal city and may destroy any structures or vehicles, as well as engage in competition with other players.
You are in a battleground where compassion does not exist. Every second of every minute, your attackers will undertake surveillance on you. You are on your own in this circumstance! This amusing IO game's objective is to amass as much power as possible. Bring everything onto the field with you and generate the strongest tornado possible. At the top of your character, you will see your own and other players' level indicators. Avoid playing with players of a higher level than you. To kill the players, approach them with the cunning of a snake whose level is lower than yours. Review your achievements and tasks to get your rewards. You may increase your character's statistics with your earnings. There is a daily wheel of fortune that may be spun. You must wait a few seconds before respawning after defeat. Now, good luck and enjoy the game!

how to play

Drag the mouse to play.