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Squid Challenge

The survival game Squid Challenge is based on the most popular film of summer 2022. Before the doll turns, you must move deftly or you will be shot. If you can overcome the obstacle, you will get a handsome monetary prize.

Survival games are an ever-popular theme for game designers to explore. Between life and riches, destitute individuals may only attempt to find hope in the immediate future. In truth, is it worthwhile to sacrifice your life for value? Now is the time to take on the squid game's survival-based, richly rewarding challenge.

Instructions for Squid Challenge

Use your mouse or touch screen to control the character's movement. You must move when the light becomes green and halt when it turns red. If you do not obey the rules, you may be shot.
Warning to reach the finish line on schedule.

The game is available for smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC.