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Snow Rider 3D

A brief overview of the game

In Snow Rider 3D, you may have different experience when joining skiing. This is such a popular winter activity that is impossible to ignore throughout the winter months. Take your sleigh out for a spin around the woods. Ahead of you are a number of perils and obstructions; to maximize your score, you will need to steer clear of any potential collisions. The lifelike 3D experience is comparable to driving a real sled while comfortably ensconced inside a warm building. Unlock some very sweet sleighs. Consume hot chocolate while skiing with members of your family. This game will test your dexterity, flexibility, and observational skills to the fullest. Put your skills to the test with this challenging winter obstacle course.

How to control Snow Rider 3D

You may move your sleight gently from left to right to avoid obstacles. Challenging yourself with risky game. Realistic and vivid experience with beautiful 3D images will delight you and your friends.

how to play

Up arrow key or W - Jump

Left arrow key or A - Steer Left Right arrow key or D - Steer Right