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Penguin Cookshop

In the Penguin Cookshop, the penguins are the proprietors of their own restaurant. Help the penguin family manage their restaurant. Let the restaurant's ordering, meal preparation, and payment processes work smoothly. The restaurant's mission is to please all clients. Enhance and finish each level. Make the penguin restaurant the most appealing restaurant in the area.
Similar to previous culinary games, you must see the whole restaurant, serve swiftly and precisely, earn money, and finish each level to win. Isn't it easy and enjoyable? Transform your restaurant into an enterprise. Do it with zeal!

Instructions for playing Penguin Cookshop

Control the character with your mouse or touch screen.
Take orders from clients, serve meals swiftly, and collect payment. Keep track of the time. Display agility.
"Happy customers, happy retailers, and happy penguins."