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Gangster Shooting Police Game

Welcome to the underworld! Grand Hero Gangster Simulator will not disappoint those who like action-adventure video games. Attempt to survive each assignment provided by the gang. Pay close attention to the allowed time for each assignment, and demonstrate your abilities.
In this free open-world game, you may explore the major metropolis, go off-roading in the mountains, steal and drive supercars, and fire weapons. You will be need to battle hazardous evil villains throughout several realms. They are in dire need of your assistance. Explore new city streets, dodge the police, shoot down other gangs, and steal supercars while participating in this perilous race. Criminal or hero - it's up to you to decide. Demonstrate your abilities in this exciting game.

Be careful in each action and pay attention to the direction of your enemies' movements. Have fun time with this risky game! 

The game is available to play on PC, laptop, smartphone and tablet.

how to play

W -Forward, S -Backward, A -Left, D -Right,

Space – Jump, Right-Click - Aim,

Left-Click - Fire, F -Vehicle In/Out, I -Instructions,

Esc -Pause, R-Reset Car