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Funny Shooter 2

In Funny Shooter 2, you have to face an army of fearsome enemies. Use your gun to destroy these silly enemies. Wandering in the colorful field, you need to observe left and right, front and back, raising the fighting spirit. Don't forget to upgrade your weapons to fight better.

Gameplay progression
The advancement in Funny Shooter 2 is superb. Every few levels, you encounter a new foe, and every ten levels, you must eliminate a new monster. There are milestones, upgrades, and a store with more lethal weapons to purchase as you continue through the game.

Arms retailer
Visit the store to purchase new weapons, as well as a variety of attachments and modifications. There are a variety of choices available to let you construct a unique arsenal of weaponry.

Successes and advancement
Lacking sufficient gold? Claim your prizes on the accomplishment screen to get substantial gold bonuses that can be used to finance upgrades and new weapons. You may also accelerate the progression of your games by utilizing the RPG and grenade launcher upgrades located on the main screen.

how to play

Mouse - look around WASD - movement W + Shift - run Space - jump Left Mouse Button - shoot Right Mouse Button (Hold) - aim Mouse wheel - next/leading weapon 1-7 - weapon hotkeys R - reload G - throw a grenade T - inspect the weapon E - remove / remove weapon