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Football Legends 2021

A new and unique football experience awaits you in Football Legends 2021. Your primary objective is to score goals and emerge victorious over your rival.

Football Legends 2021: A Guide to the Game

You will start by picking your preferred sports team. This is the race to the championship– the glory of the biggest football tournament in the region. You must take control of your character and score the winning goal by using heads, kicks, and other strikes. It is important to remember to defend in order to safeguard the goal. You have the option of competing against Al, your opponent, or inviting your friends to take part in this challenging duel. The best method to strengthen friendships is to bring everyone together for a day of competitive soccer playing.

How to play the game

Try to score points with your skills. You need to play against many teams to be able to win the championship. See how far you can go.

how to play

Player 1:

Move: arrow keys

Slide: down arrow

Z: supershot

X: shot

Player 2:

Move: WAD

Slide: S

K: supershot

L: shot