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Flip Skater Idle

Skateboarding alone is challenging; but, are you up for the challenge of skateboarding with a partner? In Flip Skater Idle, you must avoid hazards, gather stars, and demonstrate your expert skating abilities.

In this skating game, you will not just skate forward. Although you will face several obstacles on your route to the finish line, your skating style will be different in this game. To avoid the obstacles and go ahead, you and your buddy will travel in a circular manner. To finish a level, you must improve your handling of this dual skating style, gather stars, and dodge all hazards. When you start the level, the skaters will automatically begin skating, and all you have to do is rotate them using the left and right arrow keys. Now, take the road and see if you can see the finish line in this challenging fifty-five-level adventure!

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how to play

You can use A,D or Left,Right direction arrows for movement.