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Fireboy Watergirl 6 Fairy Tales

Fireboy Watergirl 6 Fairy Tales has come back with magical things. In this magical temple, fireboy and watergirl need colorful light magic (Fairies) to support on the way. It will be helpful if you need to open gates and blocked door. Collect gems on the way and notice the time. Open new 31 levels and have fun time with the series. In addition, there are also 6 special hidden level waiting you to explore.

More details about the game

Fireboy and watergirl are best friends who always stand together to overcome difficulties. Effective teamwork will bring good result. The game is ideal playing in pair. You can also play alone for more challenging. Hand coordination to control two characters at the same time is quite cool.

Game controls

Similar to previous levels, you may use AWD to move Watergirl, and use arrow keys to move Fireboy. The mouse helps to remove Fairies. Complete all levels fastly and take all the diamonds in the temple.

how to play


Fireboy: arrow keys.

Watergirl: AWD

Use your mouse to move fairies.