Basketball Stars

Fierce Shot

Are you a football fan? Do you like reading manga? They're both in one ""FIERCE SHOT"" now! Let's GET YOUR PROFESSIONAL CAREER STARTED!

Completing these difficulties will allow you to compete in an anime football tournament! This will be unlike any other competition you've ever seen, so keep your legs warm and your senses acute. Even while competing against experts, your shots are unrivaled. Draw a path for the ball based on where your opponents are on the pitch. You can fool your opponent by sketching a curve. Keep a safe distance from the other players while watching the countdown below. By filling the power shot bar above, successful shots increase your following shot. The tutorial in-game will show you how to use that gift. Winning matches will earn you skill points, which you can then use to improve your talents in the profile menu. To unlock all skills, prepare for contests and tournaments, stay up to date on news, and win them all! Make the most of your special abilities and persevere to the finish!

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