Basketball Stars will transport you to outer space, where you must locate and kill impostors. Enhance your arsenal and exterminate any invaders. Here, no cat is safe.

In general, cats are the cutest creatures ever, but things change when they're involved in this activity. If they become angry, there's nothing anybody can do about it. is a catfight in space where you fight impostors once again. There are spies hiding around every corner. Do not let them kill you; kill them with your knife.
By pressing and holding the left mouse button, you may activate the run animation. Try to recall that your stamina isn't fantastic right off the bat of the battle. It's for this reason that the health meter ought to be above the level indicator. Success in the game requires you to eliminate rival felines. Your endurance will grow as you gain levels. Warmest wishes!
How ready do you think you are for this unprecedented conflict? I hope you make it through this. Maintain an eye on the left side of the screen to keep track of your standings on the leaderboard.

Key feartures

A PVP multiplayer game in which more than one hundred people fight concurrently, unlock hundreds of weapons, kill opponents, gather their combinations to gain points, and collect chests that offer you money. Unlock over fifty cosmetic items, skins, caps, and pets.