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Burnin Rrubber Multiplayer

In this long-awaited multiplayer vehicle battle arena game, you'll have the chance to dominate your buddies. Track down your foes and use your driving and shooting abilities to put them down for the count. There are a ton of incredible automobiles to unlock and powerful weaponry to experiment with. Has a brand-new maneuver that allows you to do a U-turn and surprise your foes.

how to play

(W)(A)(S)(D) / (Arrowkeys): Drive (Space) : Nitro (Shift) : Drift Double-Tap (Shift): U-Turn (Z) / (LMB) : Fire Primary (X) / (RMB) : Fire Secondary (F) / (MMB) : Use Special Weapon (C) : Look Behind (1) - (0): Dialog Hotkeys Hold (`) : Show Dialog Wheel (V) : HUD Toggle (ESC) / (P) : Pause For gamepad controls see ingame helpscreen!

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