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Bubble Shooter Extreme

Bubble Shooter Extreme is a very popular game. The aesthetic appeal of the game is boosted by the inclusion of a single-player option. Shoot many identical bubbles to eradicate them. You will gain more points the more bubbles you produce. You win when all the bubbles pop.
This is the best and most entertaining shooting game; you will be unable to stop playing it. Compete with other individuals to find who has the highest score. It will be incredible.

Bubble Forecasting
There is also an indication at the bottom of the screen that indicates the color of the next bubble that will be loaded into the launcher to make things easier. This may assist players in determining which combinations to pursue for a greater score. For instance, if there is a blue bubble in the launcher and a red bubble is approaching, the blue bubble may be used to remove other blue bubbles that may be obstructing red bubbles required for the next combination. In order to get continuous combinations and prevent game over, such foresight is essential in this game.

Extreme Bubble Shooter's visuals are an improvement over the original, but the game's overall presentation is simpler. The bubbles themselves are now more reflective and resemble marbles. However, the bubble launcher is now simply a bubble at the bottom of the screen, with no visual representation of a launcher. Overall, the sound has been simplified, with just sounds for the bubble shooting, adhering to another bubble if there is no combination, bubbles breaking if there is a combo, and a clicking sound as the bubble cluster descends toward the earth.

You may shoot the bubbles with the mouse or by tapping the screen. Hold the mouse button or push the screen to aim. Release or click to send the bubble in the desired direction.
Ways to play:
Shoot the bubbles; to explode them, shoot two bubbles of the same hue.