Basketball Stars

In, you will have to unleash your inner professional basketball player to compete with the opponents in tournaments and win the game. Does it sound appealing to you?

How to play

In this game, you will take on the role of a basketball team member. You and your team will be in competition with other teams, and your goal here is, of course, to score more than your rivals and win the game.
Like in typical competition between basketball teams, you have to avoid the opponents' interception, grab the ball from them, and slam the ball. You will also need to shield other teammates from the opponent. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the time left and try to score more points before time’s up.
Game Controls
You need to use your left mouse button (click and drag) to control your player in the game.
Besides, you can also use the WASD or arrow keys to control the character.

Game features

Easy Gameplay
04 basketball courts
10 creatively designed balls
More than 10 characters to unlock
Upbeat music

If you are looking for a basketball game where you can work together with other members of the team to score the ball and win the match, then must be something you should never miss out on. Want to try it now?

how to play

Drag mouseKeyboard: Use ARROW KEYS or WASD Mouse: Click & Drag Mouse