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Basket Champs

Basket Champs is a super exciting basketball game where you will have to compete in a tournament. Try to score more points than all of your rivals to become the champion. A tough fight with lots of challenges awaits you.

How to play Basket Champs

Basket Champs is simple to play. First, you need to pick your favorite team, and then the game will start right away.
You and your team will meet other countries one-on-one. And your goal in each match is to score more baskets than your opponent and defeat them. So, score as many baskets as you can in 5 shots and earn 2 points.
If your team wins the most points overall, you will be in the finals and have the chance to become the champion of the tournament!
Are you confident in your basketball skills? Will you and your team be the best ever?

Game controls

You just need your mouse to play Basket Champs.
With the help of the mouse, you can aim and shoot the ball. Try to shoot on target and become the winner.
One tip that you can try here is to focus properly on the pot. This way, you can throw a basket more easily.


how to play

Put the mouse pointer where you want to shoot, then release it.