Basketball Stars

Overview about

The new edition of provides you with an experience that is both new and familiar. In this sector, you will need to secure your border region while also capturing land. The objective here is to take control of the whole station area. The imposter has a very safe position in his profession, but expanding one's land holdings is impossible without taking some risks. Be wary of the other foes, and stay away from the route at all costs; if you do, you will perish and lose all of your resources. Maintain the safety of your route as you expertly attack your adversary's territory. If you are successful in taking over the station's greatest region, you will earn the right to wear the crown and sit on the throne.

How to play

You can move skillfully around the station and compete your goals. Observe the area overview and capture enemy territory. The more land, the more chance you have to become king.

how to play

You move your character by touching the screen of your mobile device. For desktop, you can use the mouse or the keyboard (WASD/arrow keys).